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HSBC: Chance for Success or Misstep?

HSBC Holdings plc Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 20 March 2023 Link to the valuation   Context The past weeks, the financial market was rattled by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the go-to bank for tech startups, serving half of America's venture capital-backed tech [...]

20 марта, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Will luxury brand LVMH continue to outpace the stock market?

LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton, Société Européenne Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 6 March 2023 Link to valuation   About LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton   LVMH is a Paris-based luxury goods conglomerate. With a market capitalization of €395 billion, it is the [...]

9 марта, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Is BP’s new strategy — full focus on profits — viable in the long term?

BP p.l.c Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 1 March 2023 Link to valuation   About BP   BP, a multinational oil and gas company, headquartered in London, is one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world. The company recently published extraordinary good [...]

1 марта, 2023|Categories: Оценки|
  • M&A Update 2023 Valutico

M&A Professionals on the Top Valuation Challenges for 2023

M&A Professionals on the Top Valuation Challenges for 2023   With the decline in valuations and the rise in interest rates come new challenges to M&A deal professionals. We’ve spoken to freelance M&A consultants on the challenges they see, and how they help their clients [...]

23 февраля, 2023|Categories: Valuation Knowledge, Оценки|

AI technology, a serious threat for Alphabet?

Alphabet Inc. Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 21 February 2023 Link to valuation About Alphabet   Alphabet Inc. is an American tech conglomerate, operating in various industries, including technology, advertising, autonomous driving, entertainment, and many more. The company is one of the world's largest companies [...]

21 февраля, 2023|Categories: Без категории, Оценки|

After reporting stellar quarterly results, can Visa close the gap to its all time high?

Visa Inc. Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 8 February 2023 Link to valuation  About Visa   Visa is an American payment technology company headquartered in California, offering electronic transactions between merchants, financial institutions, and cardholders, facilitating billions of transactions each year. Last week the company [...]

8 февраля, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Can Boeing turn things around after reporting four consecutive years of financial losses?

The Boeing Company Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 1 February 2023 Link to valuation   About The Boeing Company   The Boeing Company is an American aerospace and defense manufacturer that designs, produces and sells commercial and military aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft and satellites, as well [...]

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  • Paul Resch (CEO) standing next to Alexander Lachinger (CMO)

Valutation Software Valutico Secures Investment & Partnership

Valutation Software Valutico Secures Investment & Partnership   Investment from VC investors PUSH Ventures and aws Gründerfonds Investment & planned strategic partnership with Erste Group   Valutico, the web-based valuation platform, announces that it has closed its first financing round with outside investors. Existing investors [...]

25 января, 2023|Categories: Company Updates, Media Coverage, Без категории|

WeWork experienced a tumultuous first year after its IPO, how will the journey continue?

WeWork Inc. Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 23 January 2023 Link to valuation   Source: WeWork, https://www.wework.com/newsroom/wework-announces-date-of-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-2022-results-conference-call   About WeWork   WeWork is a leading provider of co-working spaces for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, with a global presence [...]

23 января, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Can the former Southeast Asian highflying gaming and e-commerce company, Sea Ltd., reach former highs?

Sea Ltd. Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 17 January 2023 Link to valuation   About  Sea Ltd.   Sea Ltd. is a tech company from Singapore focusing on e-commerce and gaming. The company has a leading position in the Southeast Asian market with their e-commerce [...]

17 января, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Can Starbucks reinvent itself?

Starbucks Corporation Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 9 January 2023   Link to valuation     About  Starbucks Corporation   Starbucks is an international coffee chain, operating more than 35,000 coffee shops worldwide, including company-owned shops and franchised locations, mainly in urban areas, shopping malls [...]

9 января, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Is the regulatory opening up of China a catalyst for Tencent’s share price growth?

Tencent Holdings Ltd Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 5 January 2023 Link to valuation About Tencent Holding   Tencent is a multinational technology company specializing in online advertising, entertainment, and artificial intelligence. Tencent’s product portfolio includes messenger services such as WeChat and QQ, but also [...]

5 января, 2023|Categories: Оценки|

Oracle’s strong Q2 results and $9 billion Pentagon contract could boost share price.

Oracle Corporation Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 27 December 2022 Link to detailed valuation About Oracle Corporation Oracle Corporation is a multinational technology company that specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, particularly its own database management systems and cloud-engineering [...]

27 декабря, 2022|Categories: Оценки|

Anheuser-Busch InBev: Uncorking the success of the brewery giant despite problems with FIFA World Cup 2022 sponsorship deal

Aneuser-Busch InBev SA/NV Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 12 December 2022 Link to the detailed valuation About Aneuser-Busch InBev Anheuser-Busch InBev, a Belgium-based beer brewing and distribution giant operating in the global market, has an impressive portfolio of over 500 beer brands including Budweiser, Becks, [...]

19 декабря, 2022|Categories: Оценки|
  • Comparing Companies for Business Valuation

Valuation Using Multiples—What Is It and How Does It Work? Core Ideas Explained

Valuation Using Multiples – What Is It and How Does It Work? Core Ideas Explained   Valuing a business using ‘multiples’ is a common method for determining how much a business is worth. Below, we outline what this method is, the different ways it works [...]

15 декабря, 2022|Categories: Resources, Valuation Knowledge, Оценки|