What our clients tell us

Financial professionals find Valutico changes the way they handle valuations.

Matt Lee
Bespoke M&A
Managing Director

“After much testing of platforms, we chose to work with Valutico as they had the best quality data.”

Rosemari Herrero
Almi Invest
Investment Manager

“It’s become a big part of my workflow. I’d be very disappointed if I couldn’t use it for even one day.”

Oscar Wingham

Rouse Chartered Accountants
Tax Partner

“We’re reducing the time to complete projects by a third, saving up to a day at a time, so the platform paid for itself after just one or two valuations.”

Trusted by the financial community

Valutico is well structured to allow a fast approach to valuation, with technical support, and sustainable support data.

Eduardo Johns, Founding Partner, A3 Capital, Brazil

I can do a valuation in half a day and get a 
number that I know is right.

James Riddiough, Director,
Netherside Consulting Group, UK

We find the platform and its powerful toolset a boost to our business that benefits our clients.

Bob Neill, Founder, Seaview Consulting, Australia

We always used our own Excel sheets to do company valuations. It was a highly manual effort and it was difficult to justify our assumptions. Valutico radically changed that, helping us save both time and money.

Christian Knöller, Partner, Breidenbach Group, Germany

It [used to] take days to download and adjust the data [before Valutico]. Now the information is in the Valutico tool and we can just stay in the flow.

Hernán Santiago Guerrero Hinojosa, Managing Partner, LLP, Chile

The interface is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. Perfect for quick desktop valuation. Further, the support team is very engaging and helpful in answering queries posted to them. Recommended!

Vincent Seow, Assistant Manager, SCS, Malaysia


“Valutico changed the
game for us”
Martin Theyer, PKF

“The combination of different world-class data sources and automated derivation of valuation assumptions has great potential to sustainably change the way practitioners get a good indication 
of business value based on solid theory!”

Professor Wolfgang Ballwieser, LMU

What features do our clients love?

Access all the market data you need

“We use Valutico to derive the parameters to calculate discount rate, to compare what discount rates are being applied on companies in the market within a specific industry, and to obtain comparable company and transaction multiples.”
Callia Michaelides
Head of Deal Advisory

Nexia Poyiadjis

Saving hours of work

“The big benefit is that it streamlines the process. Every step is very logical, easy to use. It is all integrated: the database with all the peers data, the financial planning, and the reporting tool – it is integrated and automated.”
Nicolas Stepman
Senior Analyst

Vista Capital Advisors

Communicating with clients

“The qualitative assessment is a very useful tool, we send questions about every key topic to each stakeholder at our clients in a Google form, and use their responses to guide the assessment and support the justification of our recommended CoE premium.”
Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto
Co-founder & Managing Partner

Zaxo M&A Partners

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