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The Valutico resources library

M&A and Valuation glossary

Beyond valuation-specific terminology, many deal terms and a variety of acronyms can leave even the wisest advisors scratching their heads. Valutico assembled a glossary of key definitions for financial professionals.

Key terms translations

Need a glossary of terms in multiple languages?
We have assembled a list of nearly 200 terms for
our users. Available in French, German, Spanish, and

Best practices

Ever wonder how to raise your skillset in any particular area of valuation? We’re here to help! Between webinars, blog posts, and other content, we aim to provide the single most trusted source of valuation knowledge.

Market data

Want access to Risk Free Rates and industry- and country-level multiples? Valutico provides access to a sample of its industry-leading market data here, as well as the full access to its customers.

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