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Valuing a private company requires insight into the market across the entire Private Equity, M&A, and even Venture Capital landscape, as well as a lot of supporting data from public markets. The process can take up a lot of valuable time, especially if re-inventing the wheel for every project, relying on spreadsheets, and sourcing data from disparate sources. Valutico speeds up your process by allowing you to:

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  • Get access to leading market data.

  • Leverage best in class pre-built models.

  • Get relevant suggestions for every assumption.

  • Document the valuation and its supporting data automatically.

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Private company valuations are easier than ever with Valutico

Empowering you with valuation tools to support your expertise

Various types of discounted cashflow analysis (DCF), valuation multiples from private transactions (transaction comps), as well as valuation multiples from publicly listed companies (trading comps).

  • Together these valuation approaches are performed by Valutico across 15+ methods.

  • Valutico performs a full Cost of Capital calculation.

  • Valutico helps investors, auditors, business owners, and transaction advisors create their best work.

Key metrics and valuation multiples for accurate comps

In the landscape of business valuation, financial multiples, industry comparisons, ratios and benchmarks are essential. Valutico provides multiples (historic, current and forward) for key metrics such as revenue, EBIT, EBITDA, Net Income; as well as important ratios such as CAPEX as as a percentage of revenue, DSO, and others. Overcoming the challenges of performing a business valuation starts with having the right level of information to be confident in your valuation assumptions.

  • Analysts consensus estimates for publicly listed peers.

  • Adjustable discount or premium for every valuation multiple.

  • Transparent beta calculations (levered or unlevered).

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Measure value with Valutico

Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

  • Best in class financials models with automated or guided assumptions.

  • Market data refreshed daily and streamed directly into the model.

  • Single source of truth for your team.

  • Easily share read-only web views of any business valuation.

  • Built-in flexibility with easily adjustable global parameters and scenarios.

  • Collaborative and natively compatible with your existing workflows and tools

Custom Spreadsheet Models
  • Bespoke time consuming work to start any project.

  • Time-consuming research from multiple sources, manual data cleanup and tedious data imports.

  • No audit trail of changes.

  • File-based sharing with broken dependencies.

  • Flexibility introduces model-breaking risks.