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Valutico’s platform provides key support at multiple stages along the M&A deal process including research, negotiating, indicative and finalised valuations, and speeding up manual steps of the deal flow.

Close more deals

Valutico not only helps advisors gain data-driven insights, it helps close deals faster, because you can:

  • Get a robust valuation efficiently with a full instant report.
  • Mitigate risks early on, via Valutico’s analyses.
  • Negotiate from a position of strength, with up-to-date comprehensive data.

“By bringing outside research to the table earlier than expected [with Valutico], we win more deals.” Mr. Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto, Co-founder at Zaxo M&A Partners, Brazil

Testimonials from M&A leaders

Nicolas Stepman

Vista Capital Advisors

“Integrated and automated – the database with all the peers, the financial planning, and the reporting tool… It is something we always wanted, but did not know existed.”

Bob Neill

Seaview Consulting
“Seaview Consulting prides itself on our use of the best data and technology to power all aspects of our consulting, including valuations, and that’s where we use Valutico to ensure our assessments are accurate and validated. We find the platform a boost to our business.”

Eduardo Johns

A3 Capital Advisors

“Valutico is well structured to allow a fast approach to valuation, with technical support, and sustainable support data.”

“I can do a valuation in half a day and get a number that I know is right.” James Riddough, Netherside Consulting, UK

M&A specialists trust Valutico to
help their deal flow

Valutico allows M&A professionals to complete several key M&A functions with remarkable efficiency:

Generate personalized 100-page valuation reports within minutes, saving valuable time and effort.

Seamlessly create, save, and share diverse valuation scenarios with colleagues for effective collaboration.

Perform rapid risk assessments with real-time discount factor adjustments, while retaining complete control over all valuation inputs.

“Valuations have been raised to a new quality standard... thanks to Valutico.”

Roland Pfeffer, Managing Partner, Prodinger Group

Confident buy-sell decisions powered by precision

Valutico empowers you to make confident buy-sell decisions with its cutting-edge features:

  • Access unparalleled transaction data with over 1 million global transactions (including 500,000+ private transactions), for in-depth market analysis.
  • Employ ValutiNotes to meticulously document valuation choices, assumptions, and decisions, including peer and comparable transaction considerations.
  • Implement a standardized valuation process across all valuations, enhancing trust and ensuring uniformity.

Gain an edge in M&A with Valutico

  • Valutico makes valuation easier and faster for M&A professionals, giving firms a competitive advantage.
  • Valutico’s features support several key stages of the M&A deal flow, and the platform is tailored with M&A in mind.

Find out how Valutico will make a difference to your valuations.

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