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Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools. In our mission to create a new generation in valuation professionals and to improve the practice worldwide, we are proud to create content to help and enable valuation professionals and aspiring experts.

Basics/Fundamentals of Business Valuation

The resources below offer an introduction to valuation concepts for professionals seeking to learn fundamentals of a new concept or method, without going too deep into technical nuances.
Valuation using peer groups and transaction multiples, a primer Below we outline how to value businesses using peer groups and transaction multiples. If you want to access our full free guide on the subject of choosing peer companies, you can find it here. A valuation multiple […]

Intermediate/Business Valuation Professionals

Our intermediate resources offer a comprehensive look at common concepts across a variety of valuation related matter, and provide some insights into best practices for financial services professionals.
Ideas for an improved peer selection process Below we outline how to improve the peer selection process when valuing businesses. If you want to access our full free guide on the subject of choosing peer companies, you can find it here. Context: Valuation […]

Advanced/Business Valuation Experts

Valutico’s expert knowledge base focuses on showcasing some of the leading thoughts advancing the valuation profession and on offering a point of view on complex topics where subjectivity and professional judgment most benefits from expert guidance.
In this webinar Valutico and Steve Shaw explain the impact of risk from Covid 19 on the alpha of a valuation and explore risk grading Automated Transcript (may contain some transcription errors) Mathieu Guerville 0:02 clarify starting that right now. And I guess […]

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