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Why Zoom Video Communications might be undervalued

Zoom Video Communications Inc. Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 26 August 2022 Link to the detailed valuation: here   Zoom (ZM:NASDAQ) reported earnings per share of $1.05 in the second quarter of its 2023 financial year, exceeding analyst expectations by 12%. It also increased revenue [...]

September 12, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

TSMC Ltd. – Valuation of World’s most important Semiconductor Manufacturer

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Weekly Valuation - Valutico | 23 August 2022 Link to the detailed valuation: here   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited (TSMC) is the world's largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips that power phones, laptops, cars, and refrigerators. Its customers include Apple, [...]

September 12, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

iRobot: Valuation of Amazon’s latest Take-Over

iRobot Inc Weekly Valuation  - Valutico | 16 August 2022 Link to the detailed valuation: here   iRobot is a US company listed on the NASDAQ that manufactures robots. iRobot's best-known service robots are the Roomba hoover robot and the Scooba (now Braava) floor cleaning [...]

August 16, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

VC Method: Valutico’s Easier Way to Value Startups

Announcement: Valutico Provides an Easier Way to Value Startups New Venture Capital (VC) method allows faster valuations of mid- to late-stage startups   Valutico has once again made finance professional’s lives easier by announcing the launch of the Venture Capital (VC) method for valuing start-ups, [...]

August 15, 2022|Categories: Product Updates|

Valuation of Microsoft Inc.

Microsoft Inc Weekly Valuation  - Valutico | 5 August 2022 Link to the detailed valuation: click here   Microsoft shares rose 5% in extended trading on Tuesday after the software maker issued an upbeat earnings forecast for the year ahead, despite its quarterly results falling [...]

August 5, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

Amazon: Valuation after 1:20 Stock Split

Amazon Inc. Weekly Valuation: Amazon Inc.  - Valutico | 13 June 2022 Link to valuation: click here   Amazon (AMZN) competes head-to-head for market share with some of the largest corporations in the world. While Amazon started out as an online retailer of books, it [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Walmart Inc.

Walmart Inc. Weekly Valuation: Walmart  Inc.  - Valutico | 3 June 2022 Detailed valuation: click here Overview Walmart is a company of superlatives. Not only is it the world’s leading retailer, but also the world’s largest company by sales, as well as the world’s largest [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

New, ESG-oriented strategy: Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International Inc Weekly Valuation: Philip Morris International Inc  - Valutico | 27 May 2022 Full valuation: click here   Summary Philip Morris is internationally known primarily for its "Marlboro" brand. Due to the worldwide decline in cigarette consumption and the critical view of [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

Is Apple undervalued?

Apple Inc Weekly Valuation: Apple Inc  - Valutico | 16 May 2022   Apple shares have fallen by more than 20% since their peak in January The iPhone maker's shares have already weathered several economic downturns Apple's cash holdings provide a solid cushion Saudi Aramco [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

EasyJet plc

EasyJet plc Weekly Valuation: EasyJet plc - Valutico | 13 May 2022 To see the full valuation, click here. Corona easing across Europe has British airline easyJet optimistic about a further upturn in travel Due to the Europe-wide Corona concerns easing, the British airline easyJet [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

Netflix Inc

Netflix Inc Weekly Valuation: Netflix Inc - Valutico | 20 April 2022   Summary Netflix shares fell sharply after the latest forecasts. We at Valutico have looked at the figures and analysed whether the share is now undervalued.   Netflix share has fallen by 25% [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Valuations|

Weekly Valuations: BASF SE

BASF SE Weekly Valuation: BASF SE (ETR: BAS) - Valutico | December 2021 Is BASF massively undervalued? For the third time this year, Germany's largest chemical company #raises its profit forecast. Analysts see "plenty of potential" and a "massively undervalued" share. The share price has [...]

June 17, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|