Exciting news! Valutico has officially revealed its refreshed identity, inviting you to explore the revamped website and stay tuned to its social media for a new range of valuation resources. The sleek new blue theme enhances usability, marking a significant step towards modernizing the platform. 

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting and useful transformation in the upcoming weeks.


Redefining Valuations: Valutico’s Vision

Valutico is on a mission to revolutionize how the finance world approaches business valuations, aiming to establish itself as the go-to hub for financial professionals seeking valuation solutions. 

Valutico is proud to announce its official usage in over 90 countries, marking a significant milestone achieved in January 2024. The eagerly awaited rebrand, unveiled today, is just the first installment in a series of thrilling developments slated for 2024.


A History of Progress

With a refreshed brand across every touchpoint, it’s a good time to reflect on some of what Valutico has achieved since our launch in 2017. 

  • We have grown from a team of just four, to around 65, since our inception.
  • Started with 11 initial clients in year one, 120 by year three, and now have 675+ clients.
  • Started in one country (Austria) and we’re now the preferred valuation software in 90 countries!
  • The software has gone through two significant system wide upgrades (latest in 2023) – these are adjustments behind the scenes that improve the speed, reliability, and other key features of the platform.
  • Valutico has added (at least) 30 new features since 2022 (we’re losing count…).
  • Our product feature announcements and company milestones have been reported in more than 200 publications around the world, including Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and many more.
  • We’ve won both Tax Tech Award, and the EY Fintech Award, based on the strength of our company and product.
  • The speed of the platform has tripled since launch.

We can also promise more exciting 2024 news on the horizon, coming soon.


Expanding Horizons


At the moment of the rebrand, a series of new platform features are also being launched, including: 

  • The new Valutico website (you’re on it right now, welcome! Please take a look around!)
  • Valuation Report updated in a new modernized style
  • An eye-friendly “dark” mode now available 
  • New export settings for a preview of custom colors’ impact on the charts within the report

We have gathered many great client testimonials over the years, but for a moment such as our rebrand, we felt the following appropriate:

“Valuations have been raised to a new quality standard… thanks to Valutico’s tool.”

– Roland Pfeffer, Prodinger Group

Raising ourselves to a new quality standard, is exactly what we’re aiming to achieve with our rebrand. 

If you’re not yet a client and want to learn more about what clients think of us, read more success stories on the brand new success story pages, here. Currently, upon launching our new website we have a special success story page for accountancy specialists, and one for professionals in M&A and Corporate Finance – more to come!

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And, be prepared to see new whitepapers added very shortly (including one exciting announcement coming in the next couple of weeks). 

If you want to learn more about the platform, you can book your demo with a member of our team