The Valutico team is excited to reveal a series of useful new features, now live in the main valuation platform. See below for the latest set of upgrades and watch this space in early 2024 for more to come soon.


New Professional Report Style:

What? We’ve completely modernized the report style, ensuring a more user-friendly experience. The logical structure and cleaner aesthetic enhance the presentation of results, all while preserving the customization features that provide the ability to white label your reports.

Where? Users can find the revamped style in Exports (look for “Modern”).

Why Important? An intuitive and visually appealing report style not only makes your findings more accessible but also allows for clearer communication. The customization options ensure that your unique insights can be presented in a format that aligns with your preferences and brand identity.



New Emerging Market Data (From EMIS):

What? We’ve integrated new emerging market transaction data from EMIS, a significant enhancement covered by major news outlets like Yahoo Finance and Asia One. New and existing customers can reach out to upgrade and access this valuable data that opens doors to critical insights.

Where? Available in Transactions Search.

Why Important? In today’s swiftly evolving business landscape, access to emerging market transaction data becomes indispensable, especially for valuation professionals working across Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.




M&A – Minority, Control & Synergistic Value Adjustments:

What? Introducing a new ‘levels of value’ reporting graph that automatically adjusts company value for minority value (non-marketable & marketable), control value, and synergistic value.

Where? Find this new chart in the Valuation Report.

Why Important? The new adjustments enable a more nuanced understanding of company worth, catering to scenarios where minority ownership, control, and synergies play pivotal roles. This is invaluable for investors, analysts, and strategists who need to assess value based on these important situations.



Better Transaction & Peer Search Options:

What? Improved search capabilities across multiple transaction datasets simultaneously, with the added convenience of remembering your previous search criteria.

Where? Utilize these enhancements in Transactions & Peers.

Why Important? Efficient and comprehensive searches are fundamental to informed decision-making. The ability to search across multiple datasets at once, plus having your search criteria remembered, streamlines your workflow, allowing you to explore a broader range of data effortlessly.



Knowledge Base – Your Questions Answered:

What? A comprehensive Knowledge Base resource has been added to address all your queries on the platform, with exciting future plans for continuous expansion.

Where? Access answers in the Knowledge Base.

Why Important? Even though Valutico’s platform makes valuations simple, valuation is still a complex arena – having a centralized resource answering key questions provides additional support to all our users, and helps them make the most of the platform’s capabilities.



Resources Section Date Improvement:

What? We’ve added a ‘date picker’ across key resources sections, allowing you to examine risk-free rates, corporate tax rates, market risk premium, and country ratings across any historic date you select.

Where? Explore this feature in the Resources section.

Why Important? Historical context is essential in valuation. The ability to pinpoint specific dates ensures that your analyses consider the nuances of economic conditions and regulatory landscapes at the time, providing a more accurate and contextualized perspective.



What’s Next?

With each new improvement our platform becomes more powerful and refined for all our users’ needs. Stay tuned for more exciting and significant updates coming in early 2024.