• Valutico launches a new “Notes” feature to document decisions and assumptions in valuations.
  • The feature empowers users to justify and communicate valuation inputs to third parties effectively.
  • Users can take comprehensive notes, facilitating internal reflection and collaboration with colleagues.
  • The new feature now means Valutico provides users both “numbers” and “narratives” to add important depth to each valuation.

Valutico is excited to introduce its latest feature, “Notes,” designed to address the critical need for documenting decisions and assumptions in valuations. The new functionality aims to empower users to justify and communicate their valuation inputs effectively to third parties, such as clients, courts, and potential buyers.


Justifying Valuation Inputs Made Easy


Valuation processes often rely on standardized methodologies, but the decisions and assumptions underlying these valuations are highly subjective. When presenting a valuation to external parties, users frequently face the challenge of justifying specific decisions or assumptions made throughout the process. This could include explaining the selection of peers, rationale behind forecasts, or adjustments made during the quality assurance phase.

To overcome this challenge, Valutico’s new feature enables users to document decisions and assumptions directly within the platform. Users can take comprehensive notes to remind themselves of the reasoning behind specific choices or areas that require further analysis. This documentation not only facilitates internal reflection but also serves as a valuable resource for discussing decisions and assumptions with colleagues working on the valuation.

“We recognize the importance of providing our users with the tools they need to justify their valuations and enhance trust in their work,” said Paul Resch, CEO at Valutico. “Our new feature allows users to document decisions and assumptions comprehensively, empowering them to demonstrate their expertise, professionalism, and preparation.”


Seamless Integration For an End-to-End Valuation Workflow


The new functionality caters to a diverse range of users who require robust documentation capabilities. Notetaking facilitates collaboration and discussion among team members, providing a platform to explain and share rationales. But users can also leverage the solution to present well-structured and professional justifications for their valuations to clients or other stakeholders, even when they don’t have access to the underlying spreadsheet-based model.

Currently, users resort to workarounds such as maintaining separate documents for note-taking. Valutico’s new feature eliminates the need for third-party tools and consolidates all documentation within the platform, aligning with the company’s commitment to an end-to-end valuation workflow.




By introducing this feature, Valutico aims to improve user experiences and enhance trust in valuations. Users will also be able to export the comprehensive documentation as part of their reports as part of a planned update in an upcoming phase, which will foster transparent communication with third parties and showcase the thought process behind their valuation inputs.


Key New Note Features


Core Features of Valutico’s New Note Taking Product Feature:

Comprehensive Note-Taking:

Users can take notes at various stages of the valuation process, including the qualitative assessment, peer choice, valuation methodology selection, and parameter adjustments.

Documentation of Decisions and Assumptions:
The feature allows users to document the rationale behind specific decisions and assumptions made in the valuation. This documentation helps justify inputs to third parties, such as clients, courts, and potential buyers.

Collaboration and Discussion:
For internal users, the feature facilitates collaboration and discussion among team members. Users can explain their rationales and share notes with colleagues, enhancing teamwork and understanding.

Seamless Integration within Valutico:
The note-taking feature eliminates the need for third-party tools or Excel spreadsheets. Users can keep all their documentation within the Valutico platform, aligning with the platform’s end-to-end valuation workflow.

Filter by Stage:
Users can filter for specific notes within valuations, making it easy to find relevant information when reviewing or sharing valuations. The ability to add, remove, and edit notes ensures that users always have an updated set of notes.


To explore this new feature further, we invite you to book a demo and connect with one of our Valutico experts.