On April 21, 2021, TaxTech.at hosted an update on the development of digitization in tax consulting. The presentation of the TaxTech Map 2021 and the discussion on the question “What does digitization bring in financial criminal law?” Led to an intensive and multi-layered exchange.

The event was opened by Franz Althuber, lawyer and founding partner of ASP Rechtsanwälte GmbH, with a welcome note. This was followed by the presentation of the Tax Tech Map 2021 by host Sophie Martinetz, founder of TaxTech.at. While the switch to digital work is currently a major challenge for many companies, the Tax Tech Map provides an overview of the Tax Tech Tools available on the market. In this way, tax consultants and tax departments can be supported in finding their way around the tax tech jungle and getting an idea of ​​which strategies and tax tech tools might suit their specific case.

This was followed by an exciting panel discussion with the invited experts. Franz Althuber put specific questions to the speakers and covered so many aspects of the topic. From the advantages of digitization in financial criminal law, through its application and development, to specific tools – the discussion was very diverse and informative and gave the participants a good overview.

” Tax evaders have a hard time, because digitization does not stop at financial criminal law. Modern tax investigation methods and analyzes of previous tax behavior lead to an increased risk of discovery. “, Says Althuber.

The virtual discussion and questions about the topic were continued together with the experts and the audience.

Link to the article: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://taxtech.at/5809-2/