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Terms of Use


Web Value GmbH/Valutico.com herein referred to as “Valutico” is not an investment advisory company and does not conduct investment advisory or financial advisory of any kind. All the information presented on Valutico.com or distributed in electronic or non-electronic format via the Valutico API is for educational purposes only.

Valutico does not promote stocks in the services offered on its website or via its API. The company does not have any financial interest in the development or outcome of any financial trading opportunities a user may or may not derive from the information presented in Valutico’s systems. Valutico’s purpose is to provide its users and clients with additional insights and to offer them additional information that may be relevant to them.

Due to the prevailing laws in the United States of America as well as in the European Union (MiFiD), Valutico cannot and does not give any financial advice, suggest trading and investment opportunities and hence cannot and does not promise any specific return on any investment.

Valutico is not a bank, broker/dealer, asset management firm or investment advisory institution. Valutico or it’s employees and directors do not act in the aforementioned functions, and do not offer investment, trading or financial advice and do not give financial recommendations.

At any given point in time, Valutico, it’s employees or directors may hold positions in the securities that are listed in Valutico’s analysis functionalities.

Nothing contained on Valutico’s website or within it’s API or any other of Valutico’s outlets or broadcasts or any written, orally or visually presented materials is an offer, recommendation, solicitation, endorsement, promotion, incentive or invitation to transact in any specific security, investment product or asset class, or to conduct any trades, investment or financial transactions of any kind

Terms of Use
Version: 1 August 2017

Herein, Valutico refers to Web Value GmbH as well as the Valutico.com website, the Valutico API and any other parts of the Valutico system.

These Terms of Use govern the access to and use of the Valutico services including the access to the website, the access to Valutico services accessed via signing in to the website as well as the access via any other form, such as an API.

Your acceptance of these Terms of Service is a mandatory condition for the use of Valutico’s Services.

You are responsible for the way and manner in which you use Valutico’s services. Valutico cannot be held liable for damages incurred by your use of our services.

You may use our services only if you are older than eighteen years of age on the day of signing up for our services. Aside from the age limit, you may also only use the Valutico system if you are legally capable of entering into a valid contract and not barred from entering into contracts for any reason other than age.

Valutico may temporarily or permanently stop providing its services for technical or other reasons and due to the nature of the circumstances, it may not be possible for Valutico to give prior notice. We retain the right to limit your use of our service at any time for various reasons and cannot be held liable for the absence of the service.

The license of use granted to you as a user by Valutico once you sign up for one of Valutico’s Services (either free or paid) is limited and revocable. This license to use Valutico’s services cannot be sublicensed or assigned to other parties unless this has specifically been agreed with Valutico in written prior to engaging in assignment or sublicensing.

Unlicensed access is unauthorized and will be cancelled by Valutico upon detection.

You agree not to license any of Valutico’s services to others unless this has been explicitly agreed with Valutico prior to licensing.
You agree not to make any copies of Valutico’s services, generate any derivative content (such as copied and pasted images of any of Valutico’s services), take any images (full or partial) of Valutico.com and reprint them without Valutico’s prior consent.

You agree not to use any software, excluding the software necessary for viewing Valutico’s service (such as an internet browser), that in any way tampers with Valutico’s services or accesses Valutico’s services or systems unless you have obtained Valutico’s permission beforehand. This includes especially, but not only and is not limited to scraping software, software to copy or download any of Valutico’s data, crawlers, scrapers, spiders, other scripts with similar purposes.

You agree to use not more than two different IP-addresses to access Valutico’s services within a period of twenty-four hours.
You agree to and accept that Valutico may limit or block your access without prior notification at any point in time if Valutico believes that your account has been compromised (e.g. your password has been hacked), especially if you have three unsuccessful attempts of logging into Valutico.com, or that Valutico’s services are used in an unauthorized manner as outlined by these Terms of Service as well as by the law. Crass transgression of the Terms of Service may lead to permanent exclusion from using Valutico’s services.

You agree and accept that Valutico may block your access if Valutico has reason to believe that you are using our services in order to conduct an illegal activity, manipulate individuals or entities in a grave manner, cause illegal disturbance or havoc in social and political systems or any other activity that may lead to the mental or physical harm of individuals or entities.

You agree not to use Valutico’s sites or services to mock, slander or defame Valutico, it’s employees or directors.
You understand and agree that the use of our services is entirely at your own risk and that you have to accept the services provided as they are and to the extent that they are available. You agree that Valutico will not be held liable for losses incurred due to outages, interruptions, mistakes in, non-completeness, or absence of our service.

You agree to accept that Valutico cannot guarantee the uninterrupted and fault-free provision of its services due to technical reasons and you accept that any risks resulting therefrom are the risks you explicitly accept to take by using our services. Any reliance on the continuity and completeness of our systems and services is at your own risk.

You agree that Valutico shall not be liable for any damages relating to the use of our services and systems, any loss of profit or direct financial loss on your side or any loss of reputation, damage to your image, loss of data or other intangible loss.
In no event shall Valutico’s liability exceed the amount or either EUR 100, or the subscription fees paid to Valutico in the last 12months.
Many jurisdictions have consumer protection laws that limit the waiver of certain rights. Valutico respects these laws, hence no provision within these terms shall waive such rights granted in various jurisdictions.