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Valutico является ведущим мировым поставщиком веб-инструментов для оценки компаний.

В нашей миссии, направленной на создание нового поколения профессионалов в области оценки и совершенствование оценочной практики по всему миру, у нас есть привилегия делиться своим мнением в многочисленных публикациях. В этом разделе представлены упоминания в прессе и СМИ, комментарии и статьи о компании Valutico.

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4 августа, 2021|Комментарии к записи C&C Tendencias Interview with Valutico and Dextra отключены

C&C Tendencias Interview with Valutico and Dextra Spanish version here: tendencias_valutico_cc56_v5 As in all crises, the divergences in price between buyers and sellers are preventing a significant volume of transactions from materializing. In this market [...]

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1 июня, 2021|Комментарии к записи Podcast interview: The Corp Dev Podcast отключены

Our CEO Paul Resch went onto the Corp Dev podcast to talk SPACs, valuations in a Covid world, and share his insights with host Darryl Bull, listen here or on Spotify, Apple Music, or other [...]

29 апреля, 2021|Комментарии к записи Valutico featured in TaxTech market map 2021 отключены

Valutico featured in TaxTech market map 2021 On April 21, 2021, TaxTech.at hosted an update on the development of digitization in tax consulting. The presentation of the TaxTech Map 2021 and the discussion on the [...]

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26 марта, 2021|Комментарии к записи Valutico featured in MergerMarket отключены

Our CEO Paul Resch recently sat down with MergerMarket to discuss Valutico's growth plans Read the article (subscription required) at https://www.mergermarket.com/intelligence/view/intelcms-4z26mj Valutico, a Vienna-based fintech that provides valuation tools, wants to raise EUR 3m to [...]

24 марта, 2021|Комментарии к записи FinExtra article — Valutico to explore ESG valuation отключены

Fintech startup Valutico to explore ESG valuation Source: https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/86747/fintech-startup-valuteco-to-explore-esg-valuation Valutico, the first Fintech to provide web-based company valuation tools to the financial sector, has received the go ahead to build a framework that bridges the [...]

6 января, 2021|Комментарии к записи Business Cloud: Valutico reveals UK scaling отключены

Austrian FinTech Valutico reveals UK scaling plans Posted on January 6, 2021 by Jonathan Symcox (read the original version at https://businesscloud.co.uk/austrian-fintech-valutico-reveals-uk-scaling-plans/) An Austrian FinTech plans to significantly expand in the UK after hitting 100 active users in more than 20 countries.  [...]

20 ноября, 2020|Комментарии к записи Interview in the Accountant’s Diary отключены

Interview with Paul Resch: CEO and Co-Founder of Valutico November 20, 2020 The Accountant Business,  Fintech scale-up Valutico recently celebrated 100 clients across 20 countries. We talked to the company’s CEO and Co-Founder Paul Resch about Valutico and his [...]

18 ноября, 2020|Комментарии к записи Valutico, the valuation platform shaking the fintech world отключены

News Provided By Valutico November 18, 2020, 15:19 GMT Share This Article   Celebrating fintech scale-up Valutico, the web based valuation platform which now has 100 active users in over 20 countries. VIENNA, AUSTRIA, November [...]

28 сентября, 2020|Комментарии к записи TechRound Interview отключены

Interview with Paul Resch, Founder and CEO of Valutico By Dana Leigh  September 28, 2020  (read the interview on TechRound at: https://techround.co.uk/interviews/interview-with-paul-resch-founder-and-ceo-of-valutico/) Valutico is a FinTech startup that has created a web-based valuation platform, providing the [...]