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Weekly Valuations: Caterpillar

Weekly valuations: Caterpillar (CAT) In the midst of a bull market carried by tech stocks, we look at a blue chip company today: Caterpillar Inc. A Fortune 100 corporation with revenue of $41Bn, the Deerfield, IL firm designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets, and sells machinery, [...]

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Weekly Valuations: Snowflake

Weekly valuations: Snowflake Last september, Snowflake made history with the biggest IPO pop since at least a decade, and since then the stock has held up these early gains. A darling of the tech industry since its founding in 2012, the company is growing impressively [...]

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  • Visa

Weekly Valuations: Visa

Weekly valuations: Visa As fintech reaches new heights, and alternatives modes of payments ranging from Square's Cash App to Cryptocurrencies surge, we take a deeper look at a veteran of the payment industry, Visa, Inc. Up nearly 200% over 5 years and now valued at [...]

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Weekly Valuation: Bumble

Weekly Valuation: Bumble Earlier this year US dating app Bumble went public, making headlines as its CEO became the youngest woman to take a company public and to become a billionaire, at age 31. Bumble stood out in the dating market for its unique approach, [...]

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  • Krispy Kreme

Weekly Valuations: Krispy Kreme

Iconic, adored, and sometimes vilified, donut chain Krispy Kreme made its return to the public markets this summer, after 5 years in private hands. The company priced its initial public offering at $17 per share, well below its planned range of $21 to $24, and [...]

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  • Morrissons

Weekly Valuations: Morrissons

Earlier this month British grocer Morrisons rejected a £5.5bn takeover bid by US Private Equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. The UK's fourth-largest supermarket, with 118,000 staff, said the offer "significantly undervalues" the firm. With the offer being just at the current market cap, could [...]

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  • Peloton billboard

Weekly Valuations: Peloton

Peloton is undoubtedly a tech company, but whether it is a software or a hardware company makes a difference in how you value it. Recently in the news for a recall of its treadmill product, the company’s stock has cooled off a bit and retreated [...]

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C&C Tendencias Interview with Valutico and Dextra

C&C Tendencias Interview with Valutico and Dextra Spanish version here: tendencias_valutico_cc56_v5 As in all crises, the divergences in price between buyers and sellers are preventing a significant volume of transactions from materializing. In this market context, in which technology is also revealed as more necessary [...]

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Valutico wins SelectUSA Fintech pitching competition

🇦🇹🏆👏 Proudly announcing the 2021 SelectUSA Tech Pitching winners - our very own Austrian start-ups Tonio - tone with information for E-Commerce and Valutico for FinTech! What tremendous successes against fierce competition from more than 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ start-up competitors worldwide. Congratulations Florian Novak, Stephan Karner, and Paul Resch, CVA for your innovative solutions are clearly poised [...]

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