Fintech scale-up Valutico recently celebrated 100 clients across 20 countries. We talked to the company’s CEO and Co-Founder Paul Resch about Valutico and his future plans for the company.

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I am an M&A and valuation expert formerly working for Raiffeisen Investment AG, Boston Consulting Group and Deutsche Bank. I gained relevant experience as an entrepreneur due to my role as co-founder and CEO of Greetzly (founded in 2014), a web based video communication tool to interact with influencers and celebrities. It’s essentially a video autograph card. Unfortunately we were too early and started in Europe, but there’s now another successful company doing the same thing in the US. Following my studies at the University of St.Gallen, Columbia University and the London School of Economics my professional career was focused on mergers & acquisitions and valuation topics, identifying not only trends but also problems/frustrations across the industry landscape.

Please tell us a bit about Valutico and what services the company currently offers?

Valutico is a web based valuation platform. We provide the financial services industry (predominantly valuation experts within Accounting and Tax advisory firms, Corporate Finance and M&A advisors, as well as investment managers in Europe, the Americas and South East Asia)  with groundbreaking data-driven tools so that they can conduct their analysis more efficiently and in a methodological fashion. Valuation advisory is complex, however Valutico’s integrated valuation solution reduces the time it takes to do a valuation from days to merely hours.

Valutico’s product offering includes modules for the valuation of private and public companies, as well as a marketplace (MyValutico) that brings together valuation experts with business owners who need support with valuations.

What made you start Valutico?

When I was working in M&A I spent many nights tirelessly working in Excel which was arduous and subject to error. There was no other tool at the time which is why I shifted careers from Banking to Fintech and created our own valuation tool. Something had to be done to make the process easier!

What is your ultimate aim for the company?

To build a lasting business that improves the way we do things in a sustainable way. Not quite there yet, but it looks like we are on track.

What is the one achievement with Valutico that you are most proud of to date?

Building a team all over the world from Indonesia, Brazil to Russia! We’ve been really lucky with who we have hired and can’t wait to keep on hiring!

What is the one message that you would give to budding entrepreneurs?

Keep a broad perspective, don’t specialise too early. There is a widely held belief that to be successful you have to specialise early and focus all your efforts in one area. To dabble or delay just means getting left behind. The best way to succeed is to sample widely, gain a breadth of experiences and take detours. It’s never too late for a career change or to discover that new hobby you love. You might just be amazing at it.