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Weekly Valuations: Caterpillar

Weekly valuations: Caterpillar (CAT) In the midst of a bull market carried by tech stocks, we look at a blue chip company today: Caterpillar Inc. A Fortune 100 corporation with revenue of $41Bn, the Deerfield, IL firm designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets, and sells machinery, [...]

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Weekly Valuations: Snowflake

Weekly valuations: Snowflake Last september, Snowflake made history with the biggest IPO pop since at least a decade, and since then the stock has held up these early gains. A darling of the tech industry since its founding in 2012, the company is growing impressively [...]

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  • Visa

Weekly Valuations: Visa

Weekly valuations: Visa As fintech reaches new heights, and alternatives modes of payments ranging from Square's Cash App to Cryptocurrencies surge, we take a deeper look at a veteran of the payment industry, Visa, Inc. Up nearly 200% over 5 years and now valued at [...]

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Weekly Valuation: Bumble

Weekly Valuation: Bumble Earlier this year US dating app Bumble went public, making headlines as its CEO became the youngest woman to take a company public and to become a billionaire, at age 31. Bumble stood out in the dating market for its unique approach, [...]

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  • Krispy Kreme

Weekly Valuations: Krispy Kreme

Iconic, adored, and sometimes vilified, donut chain Krispy Kreme made its return to the public markets this summer, after 5 years in private hands. The company priced its initial public offering at $17 per share, well below its planned range of $21 to $24, and [...]

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  • Morrissons

Weekly Valuations: Morrissons

Earlier this month British grocer Morrisons rejected a £5.5bn takeover bid by US Private Equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. The UK's fourth-largest supermarket, with 118,000 staff, said the offer "significantly undervalues" the firm. With the offer being just at the current market cap, could [...]

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  • Exxon Mobil

Weekly Valuations: Exxon Mobil

Today we study a behemoth of the public markets and a company only recently holding the spot as the largest company in the world (by revenue and at one point market cap), Exxon Mobil. In the past week, investors and courts alike have struck the [...]

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  • Peloton billboard

Weekly Valuations: Peloton

Peloton is undoubtedly a tech company, but whether it is a software or a hardware company makes a difference in how you value it. Recently in the news for a recall of its treadmill product, the company’s stock has cooled off a bit and retreated [...]

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C&C Tendencias Interview with Valutico and Dextra

C&C Tendencias Interview with Valutico and Dextra Spanish version here: tendencias_valutico_cc56_v5 As in all crises, the divergences in price between buyers and sellers are preventing a significant volume of transactions from materializing. In this market context, in which technology is also revealed as more necessary [...]

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Valutico wins SelectUSA Fintech pitching competition

🇦🇹🏆👏 Proudly announcing the 2021 SelectUSA Tech Pitching winners - our very own Austrian start-ups Tonio - tone with information for E-Commerce and Valutico for FinTech! What tremendous successes against fierce competition from more than 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ start-up competitors worldwide. Congratulations Florian Novak, Stephan Karner, and Paul Resch, CVA for your innovative solutions are clearly poised [...]

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The Alpha Webinar – June 2021

In this webinar Valutico and Steve Shaw explain the impact of risk from Covid 19 on the alpha of a valuation and explore risk grading Automated Transcript (may contain some transcription errors) Mathieu Guerville 0:02 clarify starting that right now. And I guess [...]

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  • peer group

Improving the peer selection process

Ideas for an improved peer selection process Context:  Valuation is all about comparison. You either compare the company to be valued (the “valuation object”) with valuation levels of similar listed companies (“Peers”), with valuation levels when comparable companies where sold in the past (“Transactions”) or [...]

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  • Podcast

Podcast interview: The Corp Dev Podcast

Our CEO Paul Resch went onto the Corp Dev podcast to talk SPACs, valuations in a Covid world, and share his insights with host Darryl Bull, listen here or on Spotify, Apple Music, or other platforms

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  • Relative valuation

Valuation using peer groups and transaction multiples, a primer

Valuation using peer groups and transaction multiples, a primer A valuation multiple is a ratio, normally the market value of a firm’s enterprise value or equity value (based on market cap in the case of public companies, and based on transaction value in the case [...]

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  • Pfizer

Weekly Valuations: Pfizer

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer beat earnings expectations this week, the company lifted its guidance and also announced plans to donate Covid-19 vaccines to Olympic athletes for the upcoming summer games. Turned into a mainstream discussion topic by the pandemic, the pharmaceutical giant capitalized on its success [...]

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