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Valutico’s powerful business valuation software helps professionals perform valuations by providing access to market data, a streamlined workflow, and automated reports.

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We’re reducing the time to complete projects by a third, saving up to a day at a time.

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    Oscar Wingham
    Tax Partner, Rouse Chartered Accountants

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    Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.



    Nicolas Stepman

    Vista Capital Advisors

    “Integrated and automated – the database with all the peers, the financial planning, and the reporting tool… It is something we always wanted, but did not know existed.”

    Bob Neill

    Seaview Consulting
    “Seaview Consulting prides itself on our use of the best data and technology to power all aspects of our consulting, including valuations, and that’s where we use Valutico to ensure our assessments are accurate and validated. We find the platform a boost to our business.”

    Eduardo Johns

    A3 Capital Advisors

    “Valutico is well structured to allow a fast approach to valuation, with technical support, and sustainable support data.”

    Christian Knöller

    Breidenbach Group

    “We always used our own Excel sheets to do company valuations. It was a highly manual effort and it was difficult to justify our assumptions. Valutico radically changed that, helping us save both time and money.”

    John Alfonsi

    Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

    “In our valuation litigation projects it’s important to provide supporting documentation for every assumption. Two features of Valutico really stand out… the cost of capital breakdown via qualitative assessment, especially the WACC chart, and the ‘find more like this’ tool to find peers and comparable transactions.”

    Jean-Marc Petit


    “Valutico has helped me save time and avoid making mistakes when doing valuations for our clients.”

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