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Valuation advisory is a complex area.
We give you the tools to complete at the highest level.

about us

Started by a team of enthusiastic financial professionals, software engineers and data scientists, the concept for Valutico was born out of frustration with the lack of quality, user-friendly tools available for valuation practitioners to conduct their analysis thoroughly and efficiently.

Today, we empower our clients by enhancing their analysis and operations whilst simplifying their processes through the use of the Valutico platform.

We are headquartered in Vienna, Austria and have an office in London.

What we do

We work closely with leading practitioners and academic institutions to build software that allows valuation professionals like yourself to focus on what you do best:

Create and measure value for your clients.

How? We provide you with intuitive tools which are specifically designed and centric to a Valuation Practitioner role to help minimise time spent on repetitive and manually tedious aspects of your workflow.

Art & Science
Intertwined with pioneering Valuation Technology

- Have the best of both worlds

Our leadership

Paul Resch

Founder and CEO

Born in Austria, Paul studied Business Administration, Economics and Finance at the University of St. Gallen, Columbia University and the London School of Economics. During his studies he worked in a number of fields, including Strategy Consulting (BCG) and Mergers & Acquisitions (Deutsche Bank). After graduating Paul worked full-time for Deutsche Bank before starting his entrepreneurial career. He was involved in building several companies before founding Valutico.

Markus Klepp

Founder and CTO

Born in Austria, Markus studied Media Informatics & Visual Computing at the Vienna University of Technology. He has been working full-time in technology for close to 10 years, but prior to that gained a lifetime of know-how in the field from an early age on. Markus is a full-stack developer with extensive know-how in the fields of web and mobile technologies and he built the Valutico platform from scratch.

Our Story

Valutico was born out of frustration with the lack of quality support available to Valuation Practitioners. User-friendly, dependable, analytical tools were in short supply to assist valuation professionals with efficient, in-depth analysis.


The Question

While spending yet another weekend in the office of a global investment bank, one of our founders was asking himself why it’s common practice to re-invent the wheel with every new valuation assignment.

The Idea

Everybody has an Excel template from back in the day, a few PowerPoint slides, and maybe even access to one of the financial databases. But why isn’t there something that brings it all together? – One seamless, integrated solution... The idea for Valutico is born, but it will take some more time to materialize.


The Beginning

Not being able to find any existing solutions, our founder sets out to define the cornerstones of what will later become Valutico.

The Prototype

Our CTO comes on board and a first simple prototype is built as a proof of concept. Hello world.

The Changing Environment

Regulatory changes (MiFID II, IDW S1, KFS BW1, etc) further embolden the team in their quest to build an integrated valuation platform


The Feedback

With very positive initial market feedback a small core team continues to build the platform in their spare time – with eyes and ears always open to the market.


The Connectivity

Agreements with market data providers are reached and the world’s leading databases are integrated into the platform.

The Launch

Valutico goes live towards the end of the year and first paying clients are onboarded.


The Expansion

Our team grows further as we expand within the DACH region.


The Growth Phase

Valutico establishes a London office and doubles in size. Further expansion across EMEA begins at pace.

The Present

Today we empower financial market participants and valuation practitioners to seamlessly perform valuation analyses of the highest standards.

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